Physical Design of PicoRV32 using OpenLANE with SKY130 PDK

  A complete RTL to GDSII flow was executed for PicoRV32 with custom designed and characterised standard cells in addition to Skywater’s cells with SKY130PDK using OpenLANE. A clock speed of 50Mhz was achieved. The netlist was optimised for timing and Slack violations were corrected. DRC and LVS were met

Transaction Level design and synthesis of a RISC-V Core based on RV32I ISA

 A RV32I based in-order 3 stage pipelined RISC-V core was developed at the transaction level using the new TL-Verilog. The System Verilog code was generated and synthesized using Skywater130 PDK

Flight Controller - Control System Design for based on SHAKTHI C64 Vajra RISCV Processor

The control system was designed for a multirotor in SIMULINK and the Embedded C-code for RISC-V ISA was developed. The functionality is verified by using Shakti C-64 Vajra Processor realized on Xilinx Artix-735T FPGA. The objective is to develop a multipurpose flight controller using Shakti Microprocessor as a part of “Swadeshi Microprocessor Challenge 2020”, by Government of India

RTL Design and Synthesis of Sequential binary Multiplier using SKYWATER130 PDK

An RTL design of Sequential Binary Multiplier was designed using Verilog HDL, verified and Synthesized with Skywater130nm PDK usingsky130_fd_sc_hd__tt_025C_1v80 standard cells

Cost Effective IoT enabled Automation of Spray Pyrolizer


– IoT enabled design and development of a Spray pyrolizer to fabricateThin-Films
– Prototype aimed at promoting remote collaborative research withautomated measurement and analytics
– Funded by PSG Science and Technology Entrepreneurial Park

ESP8266 based Wi-Fi De-authentication attack

The de-authentication attack was performed exploiting the flaw in IEEE 802.11 Standard which was used to send a de-authentication frame at any time, with a spoofed source address resulting in periodic de-authentication of the network rendering it unusable by the clients.

SIHA- Smart Intelligent Home Assistant

A complete Home automation system was developed and deployedusing Home Assistant Server and NodeRed. Devices are automatedwith custom PCBs powered by ESP8266 and ML-based Security systemfrom “Hikvision” Platform using Onvif and AI Tool. Alexa support wasalso integrated

Modified SIR model of COVID-19 based on Exponential Growth Projection


A modified Stochastic SIR (Susceptible-Infected-Recovered) model for estimating an epidemic curve early in an outbreak by projecting an exponential growth to select the initial conditions is developed

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